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Grudge TV is a top down, bullet hell game that pits the player against hordes of genetically altered demons on a gladiatorial game-show on the planet Paragon. You play as Vuinten, a hero who's been thrown into the games because he murdered a religious leader. As you fight your way through the games, trying to defend yourself and expose the evil Alt religion for what it is, you'll be able to unlock numerous armors, bullets, aimers, and slashes.

Will there ever be any paid DLC or items ingame that will cost real money?

This game is free to play. All future updates such as new areas, bosses, gear, and potentially multiplayer game modes will be free releases. There will be premium cosmetic items ONLY that will be implemented in future updates. No premium items upon their release will provide any ingame bonus's. Please note there are currently no real world currency paid items or DLC available for this game at it's current stage.

Will there ever be multiplayer?
While we'd love to incorporate a variety of multiplayer options, we can't say for certain when, or if, it'll be released.

Why did you pick a strange name like Vuinten for the main character?

Why does it matter? We chose it because we liked it.

I don't. question?

Are you ever going to apologize for how bad Volkstein was?

No. Next question.

Why are there pigs and other weird things in the audience seats?

Because it's on a different planet.

A planet with talking pigs? That's realistic.

It's a video game. It's very nature is to not be realistic.

Well, yeah, with these graphics.

I'm done with this interview. And when the hell did this turn into an interview?

Around your 4th cup of wine.

Oh. Right.


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