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Yorkshire Gubbins

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Are you safe? Are you clean? Are you normal?

If the answer's yes... you probably don't live here. A bride, cloned by a slug monster on her big day. A robot on the run from a "Spork Jogger". Two print and trophy shop owners addicted to LARPing. A celebrity chef with underpants that hold a terrible, terrible secret. A reclusive tyrannical business leader forcing everyone to sing...

Must be Thursday.

Yeah but what is it exactly?

Yorkshire Gubbins is a collection of short, fully voiced point and click comedy adventures good for new, casual and experienced adventure game players. One of the episodes is a musical. Yeah that's right. You heard me right. An actual musical.

Key Features

  • Fully voiced by a cast of regional performers with the same accent they have on Game of Thrones!
  • STEGGYVISION turns the grim horror of Yorkshire into a fantasy dream world
  • Top notch British humour
  • Very fancy dynamic music system
  • Classic easter-egg filled "SCUMM" style verb interface.

Current Episode List

  • Verb School - Is it a tutorial or is it a baby judging competition?! Who knows!
  • Holy Molluscamony - A bride has been cloned, and only you can save her wedding. Or not.
  • Humble Pie - The Quest For Special Meat.
  • Aye Fair Lady - It's Mandatory Singing Day which means one thing: This is a musical.


Yorkshire Gubbins Yorkshire Gubbins
Yorkshire Gubbins
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