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Bloons TD 6

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Hotly launched by Ninja Kiwi, Bloons TD 6 triumphantly enters the realm of reputable mobile games with a truckload of style and substance. The sixth installment in the classic Bloons TD franchise eagerly offers its refined gameplay, top-notch graphics, and back-again replayability to returning veterans and newcomers alike. In this evaluation, we set out on an exploration to uncover the peaks and troughs of this masterfully crafted tower defense game, scrutinizing every significant component it offers.

Unforgettable Graphics

Bloons TD 6 is an impressive visual feast that captures the vibrancy and color inherent in its source material. The graphics are upgraded to 3D renditions in this iteration, taking the aesthetics to an all-new level. Every tower, monkey, and blood has been carefully designed with vibrant visuals and animations that burst with character. Though simple at its core, the game's visual appeal does not, in any way, remove from the strategic difficulty or immersive depth Bloons TD 6 has to offer.

Bloons TD 6 gameplay

Strategic Gameplay

The gameplay of Bloons TD 6 is rich with strategic dimensions and intricacy. Each level presents an infrastructure onto which various types of monkeys or towers can be placed to stop the onslaught of the balloon-like enemies known as 'Bloons.' The game provides multiple upgrades for each monkey type, introducing an entertaining aspect of strategy. Each round in the gameplay is unpredictable and invigorating, continuously enticing players into the strategic depth Bloons TD 6 has to offer.

Valuable Tips For The Bloons TD 6

Learn the Bloons

To use your defenses effectively, you need to know what each bloon type is capable of. Knowing which bloons are immune to which defenses, which bloons spawn other bloons when popped, and what speed at each bloon travels can guide your tower placement and upgrading.

Use and place your towers strategically

Start with a solid mix of tower types, placing them in high-visibility areas. Long straight lines are great for high piercing and long ranged towers. Apply combination of towers which can follow up on each other's drawbacks.

Upgrade your towers wisely

Make full use of the upgrade paths that are available to you. Each tower has two distinct upgrade paths that significantly change what it's capable of. Experiment with different combinations and find what works best for you.

Save Money

Avoid overspending on towers early on in a round. Save your money until harder-to-pop bloons start to come in.

Make use of special abilities

Use the special abilities of your monkeys wisely. Be sure to activate them when there are massive amounts of bloons, or if they are about to reach the end and you need to pop them instantly.

Learn from your losses

If you lose a game, take note of what went wrong and how you can improve. This will help you establish a better strategy for your next games.

Make the right use of Heroes

Make sure to install a hero on every map because they can level up and become very strong as they gain more experience.
Set Target Priorities

Setting target priorities for your towers will ensure that they are popping the right bloons. This is extremely essential for towers like ‘Snipers’ and ‘Subs’ which can target anywhere on the map.

Daily Challenges

Be sure to try out the daily challenges. These provide a unique experience every day and can help boost your skills and understanding of the game.

Momentum and Timing

Pay attention to the game’s momentum. Knowing when to wait and when to send the next wave can make the difference between success and failure. 

Durability Vs Popability

Remember that not all towers are meant to pop bloons. Some, like the Ice Monkey, are better used to slow bloons down. Making these strategic choices is key to formulating an effective strategy.

Gameplay Bloons TD 6

Impeccable Replay Value

One of Bloons TD 6's shining victories is its replayability. With numerous maps, difficulty options, tower choices, and upgrade possibilities, no two games feel identical. The addition of cooperative multiplayer further adds a fresh spin to the gaming experience, significantly improving the replay value. Whether testing different strategies or aiming for a higher score, there is always a reason to revisit Bloon TD 6.

Bottom Line

Bloons TD 6 is a rewarding, engaging, and colorful tower defense adventure. It invigorates the essence of the franchise, delivering an unforgettable gaming experience that's impressively advanced yet easy to grasp. While it has flaws, the game is a solid option for any tower defense fan or strategic challenge fan.


  • Astoundingly impressive and colorful 3D graphics
  • Deep and strategic gameplay
  • Highly replayable with a variety of maps and difficulty settings
  • Massive range of towers, monkeys, and upgrades to choose from
  • Cooperative multiplayer mode enhances interactive play
  • Impressive sound and animation effects lift the game's atmosphere
  • Regular updates and additions by the developers keep the game fresh.


  • Frequent in-app purchases might deter some players
  • Gameplay can feel repetitive over time
  • A difficulty spike in later stages might frustrate casual players
  • Lacks an exciting storyline to keep the player engaged
  • High battery consumption due to detailed graphics can be a turn-off.


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