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The technological advancement of the digital era has birthed a plethora of incredible mobile games, with Hole io capturing much of the limelight in recent times. Hole io is an enchanting, fun, and highly dynamic game gaining popularity among players of all demographics. Developed by French studio Voodoo, Hole io is an arcade physics puzzler that turns you into a black hole determined to devour everything in a city within a 2-minute.

This game holds immense potential for easy entertainment for experienced and newbie gamers, guaranteeing good fun regardless of the player's preference and skill. Hole io is a captivating strategy-based game that nurtures a friendly sense of competition, allowing players to test their strategic skills against friends online. A player surviving the longest in this captivating simulation becomes the mightiest black hole.

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A Critical Look at Hole io: Positives and Negatives

Despite its addictive nature, the Hole io app has aspects that could use improvements. Firstly, the game has been criticized for having too many advertisements. While ads are a common aspect of free games, many players claim that the amount in Hole io can be overwhelming and affect the overall gaming experience. Many participants proposed the idea of a version without advertisements as a welcome enhancement to the game, one they would be willing to pay for.

Secondly, the fact that the matches are too brief is another contention. Each game lasting for only 2 minutes sometimes leaves players yearning for more. Extending the match duration would add more depth, challenge, and thrill to the game.

Lastly, a common suggestion among users is a call for more diverse and interactive maps. The current maps, while decent, become repetitive after several rounds of play. Adding various maps with different challenges would elevate the overall gaming experience.

Useful Tips For The Game

Eat Everything

In Hole.io, you have to consume everything to grow in size. Start with smaller items such as people, chairs, trees, etc. As the size of your home increases, you can start to consume larger items such as cars, houses, buildings, and more.

Timing is Key

The game lasts only for a limited period of time, so make sure you maximize your points by eating continuously. 

Avoid Bigger Holes

Until you have grown enough to challenge bigger holes, avoid them as much as possible. They can eat you, but you will have to start from scratch again.

Control Your Hole Properly

Good control of your hole can make the game easier. Your hole moves in the direction where you drag your finger. So, try to get used to the controls and navigate your hole efficiently.

Choose your Path Strategically

Don't just randomly move around the city. Try to choose a path that has more things to consume. Areas with buildings and parks often have a lot of objects that you can eat.

Keep an eye on the Scoreboard

Always keep an eye on the scoreboard at the top. If you know who is leading, you can avoid them or target them to consume them and take the lead.


The best tip is to practice. The more you play, the more you get used to the game's mechanics, timing, and controls. This will help you improve your strategy over time.

Use Buildings to Grow

Consume as many as possible when you're big enough to eat buildings. This will give you a significant size boost.

Multiplayer Strategy

If you're playing the multiplayer version of Hole.io, try eating the holes controlled by other players to increase your size quickly.

Consume Consecutively

Try to consume items consecutively without any pause. The more consecutive items you eat, the faster you grow.

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Verdict: What Do The Hole io Users Say?

As one dives into online gaming reviews, it's hard to ignore the magnetic golf-like hole players worldwide are falling into – the Hole io game. The game's simplicity and intense competitive vibe have won many hearts since its inception. Gamers appreciate the swift tempo of the match and the enjoyment it delivers.. Moreover, competing with friends adds an exciting social aspect to the gaming experience.

In addition to the impressive praises, constructive criticisms aim to sharpen and refine the game. Users express wishes for minor tweaks, such as the length of each game, diversity in maps, and the quantity of advertisements. However, none of these drawbacks significantly overshadow the positive aspects of Hole io. The unanimous consensus among users is that despite its trivial flaws, Hole io's exhilarating city-eating chaos makes it a must-have in every mobile gamer's library.


  • User-friendly Gameplay
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • No Need for Internet
  • Compact Size
  • Free to Play.


  • Limited Content
  • No Updates
  • Disconnected Multiplayer.


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